How I’m going to beat the Winter Blues

It’s official. I have an absolutely terrible case of the Winter Blues. Yes, it may be self diagnosed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. I’ll admit, I am already not a huge fan of winter. I like winter and hope for snow through the holiday season, but then January hits and truthfully, unless you have a birthday or some other reason to celebrate during the remaining winter months, January to March can be pretty boring. People are usually watching their wallets because if they are anything like me, they probably spent way too much money during the holiday season. The gloom and rain that is this winter season surely has everyone indoors in front of their tv’s. And I’m not even sure of the last time that I saw the sun. If I’m being honest,

I actually want snow! 

But, I should be careful what I wish for because last year when I wished for snow, it dropped three feet on us while I was sick with the flu. Remember that? If not, these pictures should jog your memory.

So, no, I don’t want three feet of snow. And I guess I really shouldn’t complain because as Red Earth Farm stated in their most recent blog post, “The January cold is one of the most effective pest managements for summer crops.” And, I love summer crops. So, instead, I’m going to find something to do every week that I have never done before in this town. I may have lived here for 25 years, but when I was adding events to our calendar of events last week, I found at least 10 events in the next month that I never even knew existed. I felt so ashamed. Calling myself a local and an expert on Kutztown and I’ve never even participated in these annual activities?!?!?

But I don’t want to do it alone. I want you guys to join me. And, I understand it can get pretty pricy to attend all of these events and then also stay at a hotel. So, we are offering you a special January – February deal.

Attend any local event and get $15 off the cost of your room.

Any local event – whether it is on our calendar or not – from now through the end of February counts. When booking, use code Event2017 to get the $15 off up front. Then, when you check-in or at some point throughout your stay, show us proof of attendance of the event and the $15 is yours to keep. Now, since we can’t give away a room for free, this offer only counts towards regular rate rooms and no other discounts will apply. But this is the best discount we offer in January and February anyway, so I say, its a win no matter what.

Not sure which event to pick? Here are a few upcoming events to get your started. Then, browse the rest of our calendar to see them all.

Wine Education Class – Folino Estate Vineyards & Winery – Saturday, January 28th
Romance on the Rails – Allentown & Auburn Railroad – February 10th, 11th, 12th
The Project Wall: Lisa E. Nanni – New Arts Program – Every Fri, Sat, Sun through April 2nd
Friendfest Beer and Wine Tasting Event – Kutztown Optimist Club – Saturday, February 25th

Hope to see everyone there!

Your “beating the winter blues” innkeeper,


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