Monthly Archives: July 2012

Simple is a Relative Term

As you may have noticed, the past couple weeks have been about simplifying meals. Or maybe more than just the past couple but you get the point. Who doesn’t love simple? What is sometimes overlooked when using the word “simple” is the fact that it’s a relative term, like so many other words. Just as […]

Relaxcation in Kutztown. No, That’s Not a Typo.

As Americans, we’re often ridiculed for not knowing how to relax. I could easily be classified under this stereotype every day of my life. Although I inherited many attributes from my European ancestors, who reign in this world as championed relaxers sometimes taking up to 25 vacation days a year, I am unable to grasp […]

Make Ahead for the Masses

As you may have noticed by now I tend to write “conveniently”. Not because I don’t care about this blog or the Main Street Inn by any means. I write what I know and what I naturally do because it’s fitting and it saves me some time. I happen to have another job so by […]